Murou- Murou

Murou- Murou

28 GBP
Murou-Murou is the giver of dreams... and nightmares too! A lovely felt creature, soft to the touch, she walks around the forests slowly and quietly releasing mini murou to sprinkle their "magic spores" onto sleeping creatures (and humans) to aid restful and pleasant sleep. Watch out though sometimes the spores turn black and
give the sleeper some horrid nightmares. Nothing too scary... but sometimes dreams can tell you a lot about yourself! Just make sure to treat them right and you'll be fine.

Hand made, wool felt , original münano design creature. Approximate size: H: 22cm W: 19 cm
Please note that this softie is a double sided felt creature... he's got a good side and a bad side... like everything in nature!
*Images denotes the front and back of the item... this softie is only one creature!