Welcome to the münano forest, nestled somewhere between the lush forests of Japan and fairy tales.
This is the place where misfits of all sorts come to live... from pyromaniac bunnies, rock star flames to Freddie Mercury's
Whether they're looking for a new start in life, fleeing from poachers and deadly pollution brought in by man or running away
from the authorities, all creatures who inhabit the münano forest have been accepted into the family. Flaws and all!
They live side by side fighting the injustices of the world and every character brings along with them a little message!

münano is a creative project by designer maker Debbie Daniel born out of love of  craft, Japanese Kawaii, Manga animation
and an unstoppable need to make!
Each soft toy is hand made in her East London studio inspired by the films of studio Ghibli, the magic of nature and the relationship between
man and forest dwellers in an urban setting.
She's currently working on a book featuring the münano boys and girls!

Debbie started off life as a ceramicist, studying in the beautiful city of Porto, and sharing a childhood between Suburban America
and culturally rich Portugal -plus adulthood in London!
This has undoubtedly influenced and molded her perception of the world, nature, its creatures and the compelling need to be part of
of an ecosystem in an urban environment.

I like to think of us (humans) as part of the environment. I love that we are nature, often people who say that they love animals
forget that we too are animals and that I think is something we need to change hence why my creatures have traits we can
find in people, have contradictions and flaws and sometimes -well mostly- are far from "Disneyesque" characters!

She is also the founding member of Craft Guerrilla a designer lead creative collective based in London and with three other armies in
Brighton, Kent and Edinburgh and an International sister army starting up soon.
For more information please visit: www.craftguerrilla.com

Contact: munano@yahoo.com