münano is a creative project by designer maker Deborah Daniel born out of love of  craft, Japanese Kawaii, Manga animation and an unstoppable need to sew!

Each soft toy is hand made in her East London studio inspired by the films of studio Ghibli, the magic of nature and the relationship of man and forest dwellers in an urban setting.
"City foxes have so much more street smarts then countryside ones, they really know how to coexist with humans... plus they do play up their cuteness to get what they want! I for one am often suckered into feeding them cat food through the bedroom window at 1 am!"

Because of this relationship her creatures possess many human traits as well as a healthy dose of "noir" humour. 
münano has been going officially since May 2004 though as a concept it has been around for a long time and remained through several incarnations.
"From music, cake baking, clothes label to doll making... but it's always been about creating something!"

Deborah started off life as a ceramicist, studying in the beautiful city of Porto and sharing a childhood between Suburban America and culturally rich Portugal -plus adulthood in London! This has undoubtedly influenced and molded her perception of the world, nature, its creatures and the compelling need to be part of nature in an urban environment.
"I grew up in two very different countries but animals and nature have always been a common thread in my childhood story. We had the usual pets -a cat and a dog!-  which I was really close to but at granny's we had chickens, ducks and even a pet hedgehog. They were all my friends, play mates and confidants and we shared a lot of adventures!
I currently live in London and have the obligatory domestic pets - we have two cats- but also a couple of very friendly squirrels and wood pigeons who are hand fed on a windowsill.

She is also the founding member of Craft Guerrilla a designer lead creative collective based in London and with three other armies in Brighton, Kent and Edinburgh and an International sister army starting up soon in 2016.
For more information please visit: www.craftguerrilla.com

Contact: munano@yahoo.com